I have 15 years Chauffeur experience working for some very high profile people, and I have Rolls Royce experience which gave me the opportunity to become a chauffeur wedding driver.

My passion is for all the high profile cars and there are not many I haven't driven over the years. However, there is one car that I have dreamed of owning for most of my life. It’s iconic, and has been one of the most popular cars in filmmaking, 'Bullitt' and 'Gone in 60 Seconds' to name a few.

The roar of the American muscle car, the Mustang V8 5-0 litre GT engine sounds like no other, and for me is the best looking car out there. This gave me the inspiration to buy one and then realise my business ambition of starting a Wedding and Special Events service.

I love to drive and customer care is very important to me, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing people happy on their special day. The customer care services I provide gives me great pride to do a job well and be appreciated. I want to share with my clients, the unforgettable experience of the Mustang GT Fastback.

This car turns heads! and you will arrive in style!