Weddings / Venue

On making a booking:


All options will be discussed with the client regarding the day of event. This will include time of pick-up and location, drop of locations, planning routes for journeys, avoiding potential traffic congestion, road works and road closures etc.

I will arrange to meet client at a convenient time and place where they would be able to view the Mustang, and together work out who would be travelling in the car on their special day.

An option to add your choice of music for the journey can also be arranged, giving you a nice feeling before arriving at the service venue.



Once booking is confirmed / deposit paid:


Firstly I will always be available to answer any queries or concerns you may have at anytime.

I will be in contact a few days before the event, to reassure you everything is on schedule and I will arrive promptly and in good time.

Also I will contact you before setting off.

*  *  *

I will drive at a nice speed, obviously abiding to all speed restrictions, so you can really appreciate the Mustang experience during the journey to your venue. I would then find the best available place to park, usual in front of the venue entrance, open the car doors and assist everyone in getting out safely.


Then, with your approval, I will take pictures of you with the Mustang, to add to the photo gallery of my website, where there would be a disclaimer for this.


After the Service, more pictures can be taken of the car, with yourselves and myself, ready to drive you to your next destination.


If you would like a spin in the Mustang around the block, I would be happy to do this.

*  *  *


When you reach your final destination, and only when you are completely satisfied that you have taken all the photos you require, I will depart.